The Story

Once upon a time, there has been a man living in a land of stories, bravery, and brotherhood. All the other men he knew have left to fulfill their destiny but he still didn't know what his mission was.

Every day he set on the way to explore new adventures to find a path for himself and find own destiny. He searched wide and long, high and in all the valleys of the realm but without resolution. 

But then, one day when he was beginning to lose hope, a glimpse of a man appeared. He was walking fearlessly with full confidence, poise, and vigor. The man's attention was captured by the soldier's armor and sandals. He was about to ask him when someone called the soldier "Miles!" and he was out of the man sight. But the man still carried on to the recall the sandals the soldier was wearing.


Because of that, the man was inspired, with a renewed sense of hope and purpose. He wanted to embody the characteristics he admired. 


And then, he decided to find the finest materials, learn the craft and create unique sandals that could transcend the inspiration, motivation, and determination he felt.

Until finally, he created something he was truly proud of and couldn't wait to share with the world. He spared no time, expense or effort because as he knew, this is what he was meant to do, that all will be worth it in the end.


Ever since then, many men were lucky enough to acquire the sandals from the man. Legends say they achieved great things. 


Inspired by this legend we decided to develop the most reliable sandals of the world that even the fastidious roman legionnaires would like to wear.

We're proud to carry on the name Miles which means soldier in old Roman language and we're determined to provide you with the most comfortable and versatile sandals fit to support you on your journey to destiny.


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